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Legal Affairs Committee Update: August 2015

Reporting by GALA (Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance) from the August Government & Legal Affairs Council meeting, which includes an update on marketing and advertising law developments, including social and digital media space from Brazil, Canada, China, Israel, Russia and Sweden.

Licensing #3: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your License

The third and final installment of our Licensing series wraps up with a deep-dive into ways you can get the most out of your licensing arrangement.

Licensing #2: What Marketers Need To Know — The Legal Side of Licensing and License Negotiation

Designed to steer clear of the legalese, this webinar featured marketing and intellectual property lawyers who dove into the anatomy of a license agreement.

Licensing #1: The Basics of Licensing

This Webinar covered the big picture: What licensing is; how it differs from promotion; how and when you might use licensing in your marketing mix (including licensing in and licensing out); and the in-house versus outsourced options.

Married to the Mob: Using Crowdsourced Data as Substantiation

This session explored when, and how, can you use crowdsourced data to create and substantiate advertising claims.

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