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Secrets of the Math Men: How Leading Performance Marketers Win

A new breed of marketers are using measurement and testing to learn more about their customers, act faster, waste less, and win more.

PowerPresentation: 2014 ANA/Forrester Media Survey

This collection of data charts represents findings from the 2014 ANA/Forrester Media Survey. The objective of this survey was to understand the current and projected trends in media transparency, programmatic buying adoption, and media metrics.

The Billion Dollar Question: What's the Real Return in Investment from Online Advertising Expenditure?

With more people watching and buying online than ever before, advertisers are diving head first into digital to reach their audiences. But are these investments worth their price?

How Small Businesses Can Scale the Big Data Barrier

Small businesses have typically had little to do with big data. Without it, smaller players have historically relied more heavily on something their larger counterparts could only dream of — a personal relationship with their customers.

How Consumable Brands' TV Ads Performed In 2013

Ace Metrix's 2014 Blackbook edition, which reveals how well the TV ads of 1,400 brands across 33 categories stacked up in 2013 versus 2012 based on brands' Ace Scores, shows mixed performance among these consumable categories.

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