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Living Social: How Second Screens Are Helping TV Make Fans

Audiences are riding the waves of second screens, continually learning how to incorporate new interests into their style.

Q&A: AT&T Director of Hispanic Advertising Mariel Llenza

AT&T has launched a Hispanic-themed commercial and documentary as part of its Millennial-targeted “Mobile Movement”campaign.

The New World of Soft Drink Marketing

The Dr Pepper Snapple Group innovated against category barriers and shifting consumer targets to increase brand relevance and market share in the flavored carbonated soft drink category.

The Big Shift: Understanding the Importance Of Multicultural Consumers in the U.S. Economy

Multicultural consumers now drive both population and economic growth in this country.

AARP Engages African-American Boomers Using Social Media

AARP shared how it engaged African-American Baby Boomers on Facebook by creating an online community where users could discuss their culture, history, celebrities, and other relevant topics.

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