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Cable Nation: The Age of Adults 50+

This report from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB) focuses on the economic, psychographic, and media behaviors that have turned the over 50 demographic into a powerful and desirable audience for marketers.

Local Markets Shape Millennial Brand Loyalties

Loyalty is highly coveted in today’s media world, particularly among Millennials — some of America’s most connected consumers. These adults aged 18-29 are in many ways redefining how marketers and content creators think about loyalty.

Gen Y is Broker Than You Know

A report by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis indicates that members of Generation Y (i.e., Millennials) were hit harder by the 2008 financial crisis than other demographics, especially in terms of home ownership.

A Segmented Look at Consumer Banking Preferences

Modern marketers know that the best way to engage with consumers is through tailored and personal messaging strategies rather than broad-based one-size-fits-all approaches. To do so, marketers should make a concerted effort to identify customers before trying to reach them.

LGBT Print Media Spending Rose in 2013

The print editions of mainstream newspapers and magazines might not be faring so well, but LGBT print media are booming, according to the latest Gay Press Report from Rivendell Media.

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