Assignment Briefing (ONE DAY)

Brilliant Creative through Brilliant Input: The Unrivaled Importance of the Assignment Brief

All too often, marketing projects costing tens-of-thousands (even millions) of dollars are handed-over to agencies with assignment briefs that are incomplete, ill conceived, or simply off strategy. The impact: extra meetings and emails seeking clarification, stressed deadlines, cost overruns … and in the worst-case scenario, a final creative product that leaves everyone dissatisfied.

This workshop will help participants responsible for writing assignment briefs gain an appreciation for the importance of this oft overlooked document while learning exactly what content is necessary to generate world-class creative from their agencies. Through discussions, exercises, and hands-on practice, participants will gain a better understanding of the brief, appreciate the agency perspective, and apply the universal building blocks of a solid brief. Participants will also learn why initiatives like integrated marketing, agency consolidation, lead agency models, and pay for performance must start with a quality briefing if they are to be successful.

Using the ANA L.E.A.D. learning approach, you will:

  • Learn what goes into creating an effective brief
  • Experience using the universal components of a good brief through hands-on practice
  • Apply best practices for information flow through your company, partners, and agencies
  • Discover more assignment briefing learning through peer collaboration, resources and action plans

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Appropriate for marketers of all levels with no formal training in creating briefs
  • Examples include: front-line marketing communications personnel, senior marketing communications managers/directors, and marketers who routinely provide critical input for marketing communications projects

Workshop Benefits

As a result of this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Gain rapid and lasting improvement in ROI from your agency spend
  • View the development of an assignment brief as a careful assembly of critical components
  • Capture insights, brilliance, and strategies alongside product and tactical information

Note: The description above represents an example of the workshop content for this topic. There may be various faculty that train on this topic and workshop outlines may vary slightly. Your School of Marketing regional manager will help to select the appropriate faculty based on your needs and requirements.