Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies to Boost Business-to-Business Sales (Regional)

Business-to-Business marketing and communications are more challenging than ever. To be most effective, campaigns should be strategic and integrated, and they should include marketing communication strategies and tactics that are well orchestrated with selected media and messaging. This workshop is 100% focused on a Business-to-Business strategic approach that will help you to better integrate and manage marketing communications (IMC) to increase sales of products and services.  You will learn to develop end-to-end integration strategies and tactics that achieve objectives by effectively helping to move customers to make a purchase decision.  


Who is this workshop for?

Specially designed for Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing managers, communications managers and others who are, or will be, decision makers in marketing, communications, PR, ads, digital, trade shows, and other media. It is also intended for those in B2B who want to learn integration and content marketing best practices that result in customer communications that can help to build a business.


Workshop Benefits

As a result of this workshop, you and/or your team will be better able to do the following:

Increase marketing effectiveness by:

  • Collaboratively overcoming organizational barriers and external forces that complicate development of effective marketing communications
  • Understanding how to better grasp customer needs by mapping their buying decision-making process and identifying customer touchpoints
  • Assessing development of Marketing Communications Plans and considering improvements to build customer connections throughout the buying cycle with content marketing and other tools
  • Learning digital content marketing best practices that reach prospective customers early
  • Gaining insight into how to develop campaigns that engage customers, industry consultants, referral sources and other stakeholders to boost results

Improve marketing efficiency by:

  • Learning the benefits of using cross-functional teams across your integrated marketing and communication programs

Improve employee alignment and collaboration by:

  • Learning a strategic approach to B2B integrated marketing communications that reduces silos and builds coordination across work groups
  • Providing the knowledge and tools needed to build a collaborative work culture that improves work satisfaction and saves time 


Download the full agenda here