Managing Millennials for Optimal Productivity (Half Day)

The media paints millennials as lazy and entitled.  Managers are trying to figure out how to manage their millennial direct reports.  It is hard for companies to get the most from their millennial talent because the millennial work style is dramatically different from past generations. All of this results in a lack of productivity and unnecessary turnover. Companies must adapt because Millennials are the largest cohort in the workforce today. By 2020, they will represent more than 50% of the workforce and by 2025, more than 75%.

Millennials have an entrepreneurial mindset.  This dynamic half day workshop gives you the insights and best practices on understanding and managing this mindset so that you get maximum value out of your millennial talent.

Based on insights learned from interviews of more than 300 millennial leaders and other findings about managing the millennial workforce, you will learn how to work with and inspire this new generation of talent.  While this is an overall organizational challenge typically led by HR, these insights are important for marketers because they play a key role in helping brand the company, both internally and externally, and marketers need to recruit and retain talent in their department as well.

Led by a classically trained CPG marketer who is authoring a book about the millennial mindset, you will experience a workshop filled with an entertaining and practical mix of tools, case examples, and exercises.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is open to anyone in the marketing department who manages millennial talent or is a millennial looking to establish themselves with an older generation in the department.  This workshop is also appropriate for human resource professionals.  

Workshop Benefits

As a result of this workshop, you and/or your team will be better able to:

Increase marketing effectiveness by:

  • Creating a work culture that maximizes talent contributions by putting the younger talent in the right position to succeed

Increase marketing efficiency by:

  • Minimizing miscommunication between the younger talent and older talent

Improve marketing ROI by:

Tap into higher quality, innovative revenue generating ideas from the millennial talent who are reinventing industries because they are more highly engaged in the workforce 


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Elliot Lum

Elliot Lum is currently Vice President, Talent Strategy and Program Development at the Advertising Education Foundation (AEF) where he is leading their efforts to shape the future of marketing talent. Prior to this role, Elliot was Vice President, Strategic Marketing at Columbia Records where for six years, he put together marketing partnerships between brands and artists. Prior to Columbia Records, Elliot was a brand manager for the Max Fresh business at Colgate-Palmolive. He received his MBA from MIT Sloan, where he won a Leadership Award for putting together the school’s first-ever marketing conference. He received his BA in art history from Columbia University. He lives in New York City.

Currently, he is writing a book entitled “My Entrepreneurial Confessions” where he spent one year interviewing more than 300 millennial founders across 24 states. He is expecting to publish the book in 2018.