Conquering PR’s New Role in the Modern Marketing Mix (Half Day)

The public relations (PR) craft has changed drastically over the past few years. For many, PR remains the most misunderstood and underestimated of all marketing disciplines. However, there is a shift in perception on PR’s effectiveness, and leading brands are making adjustments to capitalize on PR’s ability to help achieve brand objectives.

This workshop will dispel the myth that PR is for spin doctors. It will teach participants how to drive integrated PR programs that deliver the highest ROI within a marketing mix. Using a number of insightful case studies and exercises, this workshop will help attendees immediately address their own marketing challenges.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Marketing professionals currently trying to navigate the landscape of paid, earned, shared, and owned media
  • Those who need to evolve their use of PR to make it a greater part of the marketing mix

Workshop Benefits

The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving marketing effectiveness, increasing marketing efficiencies, and maximizing marketing ROI.

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing effectiveness by teaching them:

  • How to tie PR to popular culture as a way to amplify their brand’s presence in a credible, relevant manner
  • How to create and deliver brand purpose in a way that drives social change and inspires consumer engagement 
  • How to include employee engagement in a purpose-led PR program

This workshop helps attendees increase marketing efficiency by teaching them:

  • How to increase the efficiency of their marketing spend by leveraging the synergy of earned, owned, and shared channels within a PR campaign

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing ROI by teaching them:

  • How to sequence a PR campaign across channels to create synergistic communications that generate the greatest return over time


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Jim Joseph

Jim Joseph is the Global CEO of Citizen Relations, a premiere brand communications agency with offices across multiple regions and with marquis clients across a spectrum of industries.

Entrepreneur of the Year, Agency of the Year, Consumer Launch Campaign of the Year, Most Creative Agency, Best Place to Work, Social Media Icon, Hall of Fame – these are the accolades that Jim Joseph has amassed through his long career in marketing. His experience spans virtually every consumer category including Health and Wellness, CPG, Food, Luxury, Entertainment, Technology, Financial Services, Automotive, and Hospitality.

Jim started his career on the client slide at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products where he quickly became a new products launch specialist in oral care and skin care. Throughout his career he has led agencies in all major marketing disciplines including advertising, digital, CRM, retail, and now communications.

Hence his thought leadership in branding and integrated marketing.

Jim is an award-winning author of "The Experience Effect" series and an adjunct instructor at New York University where he teaches a graduate class in integrated marketing. With his daily blog he showcases the best of marketing and pop culture, so following Jim is like following the best of the best in the industry.