Leadership Program: The Future of Advertising-NOW

We simply cannot continue advertising and marketing as usual. This intensive, hands-on ANA School of Marketing Leadership Program workshop delivered in partnership with the Wharton Future of Advertising Program, (@whartonfoa, #whartonfoa), will give you, the marketing leaders, the tools needed to prepare yourselves and your teams for the future.

As the marketing landscape transforms at an unprecedented pace, very few marketers are actually doing anything differently to prepare for it. This interactive workshop, led by renowned Wharton Marketing Professor Jerry Wind, will give you tools to build your own roadmap for yourself and your company. It is based on the acclaimed Advertising 2020 study led by the Wharton Future of Advertising Program, with contributions from hundreds of innovators and thought-leaders from around the world and across disciplines, including many of your forward-thinking peers.

 Together they've created a dynamic picture of the possibilities and potential future of the broadly defined world of "advertising." In short, preparing for Advertising 2020 requires that advertising be Relevant & Respectful, Actionable, Valued, Experiential and offer a Surprising Story (RAVES) to be orchestrated across ALL touch points, not just “advertising”.

Who Is This Course For?
This ANA School of Marketing Leadership Program is for CMOs and senior marketing executives responsible for marketing and advertising strategy for businesses.

Course Benefits/Key Takeaways
You will experience an interactive group discussion, gain insights from a panel of The Wharton Future of Advertising Program contributors, learn ten stand-out topics and develop an implementable action plan to prepare yourself and your organization now, for the future. Key topics and takeaways include:

  •  Identify the challenges and underlying mental models you face to remain effective with the accelerating complexity in the global environment and digital world.
  • Identify how to orchestrate RAVES across all touch points in your organization.
  • Challenge your mental models to succeed NOW, with the foresight of Advertising 2020.
  • Create an organization design capable of delivering RAVES – the AGILE CHOPS-driven organizational and network architecture.
  • Develop an action plan that includes the initial design of an implementable experiment for your organization that captures the essence of the Advertising 2020 findings
  • Learning and networking opportunities with Professor Wind, panel members and participants throughout the course