Marketing Measurement (ONE DAY)

Measure What You Should, Not Just What You Can

Today’s marketing ecosystem has become far more complex. New media and touchpoints are appearing almost every day. And campaigns are getting more targeted and shorter in duration.

This interactive workshop will help participants overcome common obstacles to developing smarter, more insightful ways of measuring the impact of their marketing investments on business results. Through analysis of best practices, discussions, and exercises, participants will learn the critical foundations of good measurement, how to know what’s working, how to quickly find those elements that are not working and re-channel the money into new opportunities, and how to measure the impact of their marketing activities on the business.

Because each company has different needs, the workshop can be delivered modularly to address the topics that are of greatest importance.

Using the ANA L.E.A.D. learning approach, you will:

  • Learn how to approach measurement of your marketing questions and provide answers that your CMO and CFO will accept as credible
  • Experience effective marketing measurement through the use of case studies
  • Apply methodologies and tools learned to determine what is and is not working in your organization
  • Discover more marketing measurement learning through peer collaboration, resources and action plans

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • Marketers who want to move to the next level in measuring the impact of their marketing investments and communicating that value with greater credibility and confidence
  • Can be tailored to fundamentals or to much more advanced topics, but it is best not to mix beginners and experts in the same audience
  • Non-technical workshop designed for business people, not analysts

 Workshop Benefits

As a result of this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Know how much to spend on marketing
  • Improve efficiency and use the right metrics to measure your marketing investments
  • Help executives in finance, sales, and other functions better see the value marketing is creating

Note: The description above represents an example of the workshop content for this topic. There may be various faculty that train on this topic and workshop outlines may vary slightly. Your School of Marketing regional manager will help to select the appropriate faculty based on your needs and requirements.