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Advanced Media Strategy @ The Enterprise Level

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Advertising company media executives and highly seasoned marketers in media face significant strategic issues when navigating through today’s increasingly fragmented consumer media landscape and how they approach bringing the right solutions to their brands/services or company. The complexity lies far beyond smart media selection and supervision of sharp buying. Management is demanding more innovation, faster short term results, greater accountability to results and greater flexibility with resources. The demands all seem in conflict with a media environment that has become a complex expanding universe of media vendors, solutions, platforms, measurement systems and agency support models. Whether you define what is happening in media as rapid evolution or revolution, today’s marketer faces both challenges and opportunities unimaginable not so long ago. Media executives and seasoned marketers for advertisers need to have confidence when placing game changing bets on any of the choices that lie in front of them to ensure are they are soliciting the best advice from their agency partners and guiding their company to make optimal media decisions. How do executives who are invested in moving media forward at their organizations channel their focus and their internal and external energy to be as productive and transformative for their company as is possible. This course is designed to help seasoned media personnel find the right approach for them that will result in renewed focus on planning, buying, integration, agency structure, measurement systems and technology decisions which can aid whatever their strategic or executional priorities are.

Done right, media is a true extension of your marketing strategy. This course will aid those entrusted at their companies as drivers of media to ensure this happens. It will lay the ground work for both planning and buying along with many of the more transformational decisions that you must help lead your company through.

Who Is this course for?

This course is for persons who hold media related positions within their advertiser company or seasoned marketing or marketing related personnel who have a stake in elevating their company’s media output and capabilities. Marketing related positions could be marketing or marketing services supervision of media teams or senior marketing positions where the company does not have internal media personnel.

Course Benefits/Key Takeaways

The course benefit is the learned and practiced to behavior for media professionals to alter and shape their internal and external environments to proactively shape different media outcomes. The course will also provide a prism in which brand media input and solutions can be elevated through tangibly tighter connections between marketing and media and will provide those charged with positively impacting media in their companies with an approach to prioritize how to impact enterprise wide media improvements.


Begins:Friday, September 6, 2013 at 12:30pm
Ends:Friday, September 6, 2013 at 3:30pm

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300 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10010

(212) 481-7000

Instructor: Steve Palmisano

Steve began his career in media planning at Y&R in 1981, moving to the client side in ’85 after launching Advil, then the largest Rx to OTC launch.  Promoted to Whitehall Laboratories Advertising Director in 1987, Steve’s role from then on has always included leading the OTC/Supplement division’s U.S. media teams.  In the mid 90’s, Steve took on reporting responsibilities for Digital Marketing and Media, continually re-shaping those teams to stay in front of ever changing digital marketplace.  He also from the mid-90’s on,  had many operational responsibilities within the companies in-house media buying agency.  In 2006, his role expanded to include International Media.  In late 2010, at what was now called Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Steve reshaped the companies going forward Marketing Services vision which included reporting responsibilities for the Customer Contact Center, Medical Marketing and a Promotional Review team.  Steve also redesigned a Global Graphics/Package Design Dept. and helped determine a new Consumer Promotion reporting structure to optimize marketing synergies.  He has a long history of collaboratively driving strong dominate brands in both the general and multicultural markets. 

In 2012, Steve launched AdElevate, a media consulting company that leverages his wide array and deep experience for clients who do not possess in-house senior level media expertise but are committed to excelling in all forms of media.



This is a 3 hour lunch session, beginning at 12:30 and running to 3:30 P.M.





Takeaway / Content Summary


Introduction to Session and Instructor


  • Session Objectives/Participant Goals



Your Role and Responsibility --Understanding Your Internal and External Organization and how it Positively and Negatively Impacts Outcomes of Planning Process


  • Not just good media plans
  • Level setting where your organization is and understanding what dynamics aid or impede positive outcomes
  • What works well and why
  • Proactive role you must play as stakeholder in improving and changing your company’s media
  • Developing a plan to broaden positive and alter suboptimal dynamics

Exercise: Small groups identify common issues that undermine planning process.  Groups work to identify solutions.  Group discussion



The Marketer’s Responsibility


  • Elevating the Media Briefing Process
  • Your role in establishing excellence
  • What good briefing looks and sounds
  • How sharply defined strategy impacts what comes back from the agency for planning inputs:




                      -defining role of online/offline

                      -communication goals

                      -creative considerations



Todays Media Environment and How to Determine What Should be Important to You


  • Staying current on media trends and developing a strategy on how to evolve media for your brand/service
  • Defining where your brands should be on the “Media Innovation Continuum”
  • Using the “Media Innovation Continuum” and your strategy as a litmus test for when jumping into the newest media makes sense for you
  • Identifying areas of focus in media where advancements should be enterprise wide and have “game/changing/competitive advantage” capability



Developing a Measurement Plan Approach for your Organization


  • Data does not make a measurement plan
  • Identifying measurements required.  Ways to identify what you don’t know but need to know
  • Connecting the dots between commonly used measurement tools within your organization -- Having a seat at the table for all advertising related company measurement issues
  • Putting a plan in place before the initiative starts


Digital Media Landscape


  • Understanding the landscape
  • Determining and prioritizing how paid, owned and earned matter to your brands
  • Determining how tactics and digital disciplines within owned, earned and paid buckets matter to your brand
  • Dimensions and development of a social media strategy
  • Organizational readiness to develop and implement, it’s not an afterthought



Application to the Real World


  • Key Takeaways
  • Turning workshop into framework to build and evaluate personal and departmental performance objectives
  • Q & A/Discussion


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