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Content Marketing

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The Move From Campaigns to Always-On Content Marketing 

In this era of the “always on” consumer, accessing multiple kinds of content across multiple devices every day, the advertising campaign as anchor is no longer enough to keep brands culturally relevant and top of mind. It requires a shift from campaigns to always-on content marketing, requiring new competencies, organization, education and activation techniques to keep your brand front and center and in the conversation. Campaign, social and website content around your brand value quickly becomes irrelevant if it’s not created, curated, refreshed and sharable on a real-time basis. How do you organize and activate always-on content beyond just social listening and posting? How should you measure success? Does shareability really effect ROI?

Moving from campaign to content marketer requires:

  • An emotional brand promise that becomes your content organizing idea for moving from push campaign messengers to a brand-as-publisher mindset.
  • An evolved organizational model, process and tools that leverage your internal and external partners to surface created, curated and syndicated content that links up with your brand promise and maximizes shareablity.
  • A shift in thinking about digital marketing as simply extending your traditional campaign’s launch and completion, to becoming a persistent means of keeping your brand’s story system refreshed and relevant all year round.

This workshop will help you develop the four essential means of becoming an effective content marketer:

  1. Knowledge and process to arrive at your brand’s content organizing idea.
  2. An always-on content library to keep your brand’s story system relevant.
  3. Tools and techniques to deploy created, curated and syndicated content across your paid, owned and earned channel platforms.
  4. Measurement framework that will provide the metrics and analytics to prove the return on conversation (ROC) that ladders up to brand health measures, purchase intent and, ultimately, ROI.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is for marketers who want to expand the effectiveness and cultural relevance of their brand messaging and marketing efforts. This workshop is suitable for director level and above digital marketing leadership representatives.

Workshop Benefits

  • Furnishes a disciplined four-step process to integrate content marketing into your digital marketing organization.
  • Provides clear differentiation between product-centric and brand-centric benefits and purpose to help your team balance and guide content efforts.
  • Provides hands-on access to content creation curation and syndication tools to activate content marketing quickly, collaboratively and imaginatively to improve effectiveness.
  • Explores different organizational and partner models to align content-centric requirements with paid, owned and earned channels.
  • Demonstrates the difference between brand storytelling and story systems — the move from campaign-based to always-on, content-centric storytelling.
  • Develop a plan to deploy and manage cross-functional teams and partners through all phases of the content marketing process.

Begins:Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 8:30am
Ends:Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 5:00pm

Reed Smith LLP
599 Lexington Avenue
22nd Floor
New York, NY 10022

Instructor: Alan Schulman

Alan Schulman is vice president of global digital marketing and brand content for SapientNitro. In his global role, he helps drive digital marketing services and content marketing for brand marketers at Unilever, MasterCard, Verizon and numerous others companies. Mr. Schulman joined SapientNitro in 2012 as chief creative officer of New York. Prior to joining SapientNitro, he served in a variety of digital creative leadership roles, within The Interpublic Group, at McCann-Erickson, FutureBrand Worldwide and Foote, Cone & Belding. Mr. Schulman is the recipient of numerous awards for creative excellence including  AICP, ANDY, One Show, FWA, the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) MIXX Awards and Promax/BDA as well as awards from internal marketing organizations of Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble. He currently serves as a member of the 4A’s creative technology committee, the creative review commitee of The Advertising Council, the New York Media & Marketing Technologies Council and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (EMMYS) new media committee. Mr. Schulman also sits on the advisory boards of TiVO, The Wharton School of Business/Advertising 2020 Technology Curriculum Council, RGM, and DPAA, the Digital Place Based Advertising Association.  





Takeaway/Content Summary


Arriving at the Content Organizing Idea

Through the Lens of Your Brand Promise


  • Understand how brand truth and consumer truth overlap to arrive at a brand content organizing idea
  • Learn how to expand a brand statement/tagline to arrive at a brand content organizing idea that serves as a platform for a story system
  • Exercise: Develop your brand content organizing idea
  • Exercise: Test the elasticity of your brand content organizing idea


Defining Brand Content Excellence

Always-On Content Library



  • Gain a full understanding of content models created curated and distributed/syndicated
  • Define an always-on content library, short/medium/long form content within the create, customize and share framework
  • Learn the components of a content matrix, balancing the product/service/ utility benefits of a brand with lifestyle-centric benefits, to establish a content marketing platform that can serve both
  • Exercise: Prepare a content matrix


Content Marketing Platforms

Tools, Techniques and Platforms for Deploying Content Marketing


  • Understand the content tools, techniques and platforms for deploying content marketing across paid, owned and earned channels:
    • Authoring platforms
    • Curation and licensing models
    • Tagging/Link-farming models
  • Learn about SAS platforms and tools for commissioning and deploying original content, obtaining curated and licensed content and tagging methods for maximizing shareability and conversations
  • Exercise: Hands-on demonstration of SAS platforms and tools (vendor to showcase and adjunct hands-on exercise)


Content Measurement Frameworks

Measuring and Organizing for Content Marketing Initiatives


  • Learn how to develop a content measurement framework by defining KPIs and key measurement metrics to determine return on content marketing:
    • Content sharing measures
    • Content trending measures
    • Cultural currency/conversation measures: ROC/ROI
  • Exercise: Develop a measurement framework
  • Examine different marketing organization models to consider and/or test to activate content marketing:
    • Content marketing managers (beyond social)
    • Brand team ownership
    • Chief content officer (CCO) roles
    • Others
  • Exercise: Evaluate your current organizational model

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