Elevating Your Creative

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Introductions to session & instructor

Session Objectives

Understanding the Creative Mind

  • What is creativity?
  • Marketer’s role in the creative process
  • The triune brain
  • Empowering creative partners to success

Defining Advertising Objectives, Criteria and Success      

  • Understanding what advertising can and can’t accomplish
  • Developing a ‘single-minded objective’
  • Applying strategy across campaigns – what will work where and for who?
  • Developing credible criteria
  • What will success look like and how will it be measured?

Demystifying Positioning Statements

  • What is a positioning statement and what is it used for?
  • Examples of good brand positioning
  • The 4 elements
  • The difference between a positioning statement and a brief

Developing a Great Creative Brief        

  • Questions to ask and answer to inform any Brief
  • Getting past the ‘template’
  • Targets: From demographic to psychographic
  • Going from insights to action
  • Balancing information & inspiration
  • How to write a Brief that makes the creative team say “I get it!”
  • Interactive Exercise(s)


 Evaluating Creative

  • How to assess creative work
  • Marketer’s role in creative presentations
  • Using the Brief
  • Evaluation and assessment tools

 The Art of Feedback         

  • What is effective feedback?
  • How to deliver it
  • Interactive Exercise(s)

  What’s The Big Idea                     

  • What defines a Big Idea?
  • Big Ideas vs Loud Ideas
  • Recognizing campaignable ideas vs. one-offs
  • Applying Communication strategy in idea selection
  • Interactive Exercise

 Ideas in Action - Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)     

  • What and why of Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Elements of a good IMC campaign
  • Testing the theories
  • Interactive Exercise (The Idea Satellite)