Elevating Your Creative

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How to Manage, Empower and Inspire Your Agency To Deliver Even More Effective Creative

Want to inspire great creative work with your agency and be a better client? This workshop will show participants how to get powerful creative work that builds your sales overnight and your brand over time. Throughout the workshop, participants will discover what inspires and motivates creative people and what turns them off.

The workshop will guide participants through the entire creative process, from positioning and the creative brief to judging creative work in rough form and giving the agency compelling feedback. Through the use of individual and team exercises, creative examples and case histories, the workshop will teach participants will learn how to make all of their communications more effective.

 Using the ANA L.E.A.D. learning approach, you will:

  • Learn the elements that make any communication more effective
  • Experience through exercises and case studies how to judge creative work and give feedback to your agency
  • Apply your new creative learning to your business for actionable outcomes
  • Discover more creative learning through peer collaboration, resources and action plans

 Who Is This Workshop For?

  • All levels of marketers working with both in-house and external agencies

 Workshop Benefits

 As a result of this workshop, you will be better able to:

  • Write a creative brief that makes the creative team say “I Get It!”
  • Dig into insights; know where to find them, and how to spot them
  • Understand how to construct an integrated campaign


Introductions to session & instructor

Session Objectives

Understanding the Creative Mind

  • What is creativity?
  • Marketer’s role in the creative process
  • The triune brain
  • Empowering creative partners to success

Defining Advertising Objectives, Criteria and Success      

  • Understanding what advertising can and can’t accomplish
  • Developing a ‘single-minded objective’
  • Applying strategy across campaigns – what will work where and for who?
  • Developing credible criteria
  • What will success look like and how will it be measured?

Demystifying Positioning Statements

  • What is a positioning statement and what is it used for?
  • Examples of good brand positioning
  • The 4 elements
  • The difference between a positioning statement and a brief

Developing a Great Creative Brief        

  • Questions to ask and answer to inform any Brief
  • Getting past the ‘template’
  • Targets: From demographic to psychographic
  • Going from insights to action
  • Balancing information & inspiration
  • How to write a Brief that makes the creative team say “I get it!”
  • Interactive Exercise(s)


 Evaluating Creative

  • How to assess creative work
  • Marketer’s role in creative presentations
  • Using the Brief
  • Evaluation and assessment tools

 The Art of Feedback         

  • What is effective feedback?
  • How to deliver it
  • Interactive Exercise(s)

  What’s The Big Idea                     

  • What defines a Big Idea?
  • Big Ideas vs Loud Ideas
  • Recognizing campaignable ideas vs. one-offs
  • Applying Communication strategy in idea selection
  • Interactive Exercise

 Ideas in Action - Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)     

  • What and why of Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Elements of a good IMC campaign
  • Testing the theories
  • Interactive Exercise (The Idea Satellite)



Leslie Ehm

Leslie Ehm is the president and chief fire starter at Combustion, a training and development company. She is also the founder of Three Training, a company devoted to elevating ideation, collaboration, and presentation skills for ad agencies and marketers. A former musician and TV host, Leslie has been working and living in the world of creative collaboration for over 25 years. Leslie’s clients include DraftFCB, Leo Burnett, Disney, PepsiCo, Diageo, JWT, Boston Scientific, AT&T, Nurun, Venables Bell, and more.

Leslie is a member of the ANA Faculty and is on the faculty of the Institute for Communications Agencies (ICA). She is certified by the Creative Problem Solving Institute, a Guild Member of the Creative Education Foundation, a columnist for the Creativity Post, and a sought-after keynote speaker.