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Sports Sponsorship: How To Play Smart & Win Big

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Begins:Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 8:30am
Ends:Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 4:30pm

Reed Smith
599 Lexington Avenue
22nd Floor
New York, NY 10022

Instructor: Richard Reider

Richard Reider, president of RaR Consulting, LLC, has over 30 years of marketing and sales experience, 28 of which were with the Miller Brewing Company where he specialized in sports and entertainment marketing. Since 2010 Mr. Reider has joined the faculty of Marquette University as an Adjunct Professor. His classes include aSports Sponsorship and Negotiationworkshop in the Law School andSports Communication, a graduate course that is part of a Masters of Leadership program. In addition Mr. Reider has been consulting and leading long term strategic planning for a non-profit in the Twin Cities.

Mr. Reider was Manager of Sports and Entertainment Marketing at Miller for over 16 years. He was responsible for managing a variety of local and national properties including the Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Red Wings. He also has extensive experience in boxing, golf, pro-beach volleyball, UFC, motorsports and college sports. Mr. Reider is very seasoned on managing media packages inside sports deals. Relating to entertainment and event marketing Mr. Reider led Miller’s initiatives on a number of tour sponsorships, promoter and venue deals and branded programs. He also led Miller’s initiatives relating to film and TV product placement. His expertise lies in negotiations and contract stewardship, project planning, agency management, budgeting and event execution.

Since 2011 Mr. Reider has led a number of workshops for specific ANA members including the LPGA, MLS, The Southern Companies and the Disney Theatrical Group.


Below are 11 modules on the strategies and processes used in making the right decisions relating to sports sponsorships.  The modules are designed for a full 1 day seminar and are shown in the sequence in which they will be presented. 

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    Takeaway / Content Summary


    • Introductions
    • Topics
    • Workshop Goals and Expectations
    • Raring to Go, But…


    • We have a great mix of professionals today
    • What will we cover
    • What will we accomplish?
    • Set up to “stumble”?


    • Exercise 1


    The “Simple Deal”

    Scenario focuses on a promoter proposing to create a new event in a medium sized market.


    • Group divided into teams and will review a sponsorship proposal, discuss it and be ready to share opportunities and/or potential problems.  Each team to provide a “go/no go” recommendation and share points of view.


    • The “Simple Deal”


    • Discussion and review of the exercise inclusive of challenges that arise with new opportunities


    • Sponsorship Landscape


    Types of sponsorships

    • Exclusive vs. shared category
    • Clutter
    • Short term vs. Long term
    • Emerging vs. established sports
    • Who can sell what?
    • Leagues, networks, teams, players: being careful about what is promised






    • Exercise 2


    The Decision Making Process

    What should marketers be thinking about before undertaking a new sponsorship?


    • Group divided into teams and they will discuss and write down, in priority order, the most important things potential sponsors should be thinking about before they buy.  Teams will share their ideas with the rest of the group.  


    • The Decision Making Process


    • Is there a better way to clearly think through and prioritize what’s most important before moving forward?


    • How to set yourself up for success


    • After teams present their findings we will compare and contrast them to the moderator’s list and apply metrics to the process via a “score card” methodology



    • Negotiating The Deal


    • Tips and reminders about asserting your position as a buyer or a seller


    • Media and the Deal
    • Why In?
    • Why Not?


    • Watch outs when buying sponsorships through the media


    • TV, radio, print
    • Buying smart
    • Buying outside the deal


    • Web sites/new media
    • Who owns what






    The “Complex Deal” 


    • Group divided into teams and they will discuss and write down, in priority order, the most important things potential sponsors should be thinking about before they buy.  Teams will share their ideas with the rest of the group. 


    • The “Complex” Deal


    • After exercise review






    • The Deal is Done
    • How Take Advantage
    • Best Practices


    • What do you do now?
    • Attendees share ideas of what works
    • What great marketers do with their acquired sponsorships


    • Protecting Your Investment
    • ROI


    • Keeping track of the investment
    • Is the property delivering?
    • What can/should you measure?
    • What means do you have to do so?


    • What happens if?
    • “Ambush” Marketing


    • How to manage changes during the life of the deal
    • When your needs change
    • When the property changes
    • How to prevent/circumvent tactics by the competition


    • Summary


    • Review key findings
    • Generate feedback for future seminars

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