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Long gone are the days when ‘creative thinking’ was the sole domain of our agency partners. Today, to become both innovators and enablers, we need to share the same creative, strategic and critical thinking skills as they do. Not only will this earn us a seat at their table – we’ll be sitting at the head where we belong.

ThinkLab turns marketers into creators – capable of developing countless strategically and creatively sound ideas at light speed.  It provides the insights, skills and tools necessary to elevate both the agency / client relationship and creative end product. And for the record – everyone in the organization is capable of creativity – regardless of role or discipline. ThinkLab provides everything needed to methodically work through challenges, turn them into opportunities, exhaust all possibilities and deliver new, breakthrough ideas and solutions on demand.

About the Workshop

First, we arm you with the insights and understanding necessary to free your minds and tap into your ideation super-potential. We help you identify your personal ideation preferences, transcend your neural paths, defer judgment and ‘upshift’. Then, we walk and work you through the ideation process starting with the invaluable skill of investigating and clarifying the problem to ensure you’re always tackling the right challenge. Next come a series of intensive brainstorming techniques designed to tap into all types and free up a multitude of new, unusual and in depth ideas. After that, you’ll experience the process of convergence where you hone, combine and solidify your ideas. And finally, you’ll learn ‘GOOD™’ - a technique for testing, strengthening and even selling your ideas.

Not only will ThinkLab harness your creative power to ensure your true potential is being unleashed, you’ll experience a step-by-step intensive ideation session using your real-world challenges. By workshop’s end, you won’t just leave armed with an inspirational yet stringent process you can duplicate at will, but with pages of killer ideas too.

Workshop content includes:

•           Recognizing and capitalizing on your ideation style

•           Learning divergent and convergent thinking

•           Understanding the Triune Brain

•           Upshifting; Learning to think beyond the usual

•           How to solve the RIGHT problem

•           Beyond brainstorming: Mind-blowing tools & techniques

•           C4 – The ultimate convergence tool

•           Is it GOOD™? Testing and strengthening ideas

•           Step-by-step intensive brainstorm


Who should attend? Everyone in the organization will significantly benefit from this learning – regardless of role or level.

Begins:Monday, November 12, 2012 at 8:30am
Ends:Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 4:30pm

Reed Smith LLP
599 Lexington Avenue
22nd Floor
New York, NY 10022

Instructor: Leslie Ehm


President & Chief Fire Starter, Combustion / Founder & Principal, Three Training

Leslie Ehm has been working and living in the world of creative collaboration for over 25 years. A former musician and TV host turned advertising Creative Director, she founded Three Training – a company devoted to elevating ideation, collaboration and presentation skills for ad agencies and marketers. In addition to Three, Leslie is also President and Chief Fire Starter at Combustion – a training and development company that sets organizational productivity on fire through applied creativity.

Leslie’s valued clients include DraftFCB, Leo Burnett, Disney, Pepsico, Diageo, JWT, Boston Scientific, AT&T, Nurun, Venables Bell and more.

In addition, Leslie delivers workshops across the USA for the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), is on the faculty of the Institute for Communications Agencies (ICA), is certified by the Creative Problem Solving Institute, a Guild Member of the Creative Education Foundation, a columnist for the Creativity Post, and a sought-after keynote speaker


Agenda is pending.

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