Greater Consumer Understanding Through Cultureography

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Cultureography and Cultureographic Mapping were developed by a team of former Yankelovich Research executives. Cultureography is a cutting-edge methodology for dimensionalizing the holistic systems through which people decide what they decide and value what they value. Cultureographic mapping can be applied to an individual, group, activity, category, or brand - all within the scope of a single study. Cultureography is a combination of foundational and tactical research in that it generates a deeper, richer, broader, different understanding of c ustomer and market dimensions while it also provides specific, actionable applications. Cultureography has been successfully applied to branding exercises, product development, concept testing, generational research, and even direct response marketing (where response rates have increased by more than 200% over controls), to name a partial list. What makes cultureographic research fundamentally different from convention studies is that it is designed around an understanding that decisioning and valuation occur within the three dimensions of micro values systems, lexicons, and change vectors - a new and comprehensive understanding of what marketers need to know to understand, communicate with, and persuade.




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Start: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 1:00pm

End: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 2:00pm



John Krubski 

Chairman - International Thought Leadership Council

John Krubski is CEO and founder of itlcinsights, a marketing consultancy that specializes in bringing innovative customer insights to life for companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to the inc. 2000 (+).

Krubski's most recent accomplishment has been the creation and development of Cultureography - a proprietary values and attitudes engine that challenges many assumptions about what we need to know to effectively communicate and influence in the 21st Century and which has broken exciting new ground for its clients in marketing strategy, communications, and direct marketing (where the innovative approach has increased response rates by as much as 500%).

Prior to founding itlcinsights, Krubski spent a number of years as an independent strategic planning consultant and consumer insights expert for a wide range of small and large companies including American Express, Charles Schwab, Outback Steakhouse, Sears, IBM, Compaq, Michelin, Fox Television, DreamWorks, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, General Mills, Quaker, PepsiCo, and many, many more.

Krubski has also worked at Yankelovich Research, the preeminent values & attitudes and trends company that serves both U.S. and multinational corporations in providing customer and consumer insights. Krubski joined the company as a marketing executive and left over five years later as one of the premiere presenters of research-supported insights and perspectives, as well as a qualified Futurist.

Before joining Yankelovich research, Krubski enjoyed a career as a hands-on business-building sales and marketing executive. He served as the VP of Marketing for the Television Bureau of Advertising. He was Head of Marketing for a bleeding edge, internet-based marketing initiative in 1986. He sold and distributed syndicated television programs, including the Wrestling Network, now a part of Turner Broadcasting, and as a marketing executive he developed new business for the National Broadcasting Company in New York.

He lives in Westport, CT.