Can Creative Vision Help Your Bottom Line?

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Over the last several years a new trend has emerged in the purchasing of creative services.

Marketing budgets are consistently at risk when the bottom line of a corporation shrinks. Because building, sustaining and feeding a brand is an on-going long-term strategy without immediate financial gains, the services required in building a brand and to initiate marketing promotions is an easy target for budget cuts. To stretch their branding dollars, marketing divisions are soliciting the expertise of procurement specialists. Engaging in a formal bid or RFP process can provide a framework for consistency in acquiring and evaluating services for creative teams. The outcome is not always cheaper; however, the value of the investment, the number of services as well as the structure of the financial terms makes this a successful pairing. In many cases, the procurement process extends budgets by enabling centralized brand management teams the ability to consolidate suppliers and enforce brand standards without removing creative flexibility from their organization.

This type of engagement between Procurement and the Creative organization is new. Creatives are interested in ideas, relationships and the ability to exchange ideas, and collaborate on innovation. Procurement enables the Creatives a final selection at the best value by using a formalized process - evaluating, analyzing and comparing services before finalizing terms of the agreement. Understanding each other's contribution is critical to the process.

This session will provide the framework needed to optimize your brands creative outcome by bringing the right teams together within an organization. In this webinar you will learn from Agency and client-side experts from OnRequest Images, Microsoft and InterContinental Hotels Group how to get the most out of all creative relationships. Utilizing real world experience as well as case studies you will learn how best to manage these relationships to benefit your companies' brand/creative investments.


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Start: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 1:00pm

End: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 2:00pm



Moderator: Carla stratfold, CEO, OnRequest Images

Carla Stratfold CEO of OnRequest Images has more than 20 years of experience building and growing businesses, selling services to the software, telecom and media & entertainment industries. Before joining OnRequest Images as its CEO, Stratfold was an officer and senior vice president at RealNetworks, where she drove sales and distribution of their music, video and games products. Prior to RealNetworks, Stratfold was Oracle Corporation's vice president of product sales and marketing for North and South America. During her 10 years at Oracle, Stratfold held sales and technical management positions.

Carla sits on the executive committee of the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA). She is also a member of the OnRequest Images board of directors.

Presenter, Alma McClain-Williams, Group Manager, Marketing Procurement, Microsoft

Alma has been with Microsoft Corporation for 10 years in Redmond, WA. Currently, as the Group Procurement Manager she puts to use all her 27 years of corporate experiences in a role that is critical with responsibility for over $ 2 billion of spend. The role includes category management and strategies, preferred vendor selection, contract negotiations, and compliance for internal buyers of Advertising, Public Relations, Relationship Marketing, Media Services and Market Research. Past responsibilies, whci include prior work at Polaroid, have included Quality Control to Materials Management, Logistics, Transportation Procurement, and Sales.

Presenter, Chris Campau, Director Marketing Procurement, InterContinental Hotels Group

Chris led IHG's RFP and agency selection process for global photography & copywriting services, two of the critical marketing efforts in the $1B Holiday Inn Brands 2009-10 Re-launch. He works with companies within strategic sourcing and procurement, primarily with vendor selection and process optimization within marketing, corporate services, and information technology functions. Chris will share his insights working together with marketing teams in selecting and developing effective agency relationships, including an overview of the global photography and copywriting services endeavor for IHG.