Speaker Profile

Shelley Landgraf
President / The Landgraf Consulting Group, Inc.

Shelley Landgraf has 25 years of hands-on cross-category experience in advertising production. She is an expert at conceiving, leading, and executing corporate and brand-based cost-savings initiatives; optimizing budgets; and leveraging advertiser spends.

 As president of The Landgraf Consulting Group, an independent advertising production consulting firm, she has reliably and creatively delivered cost savings through her experience and industry intel, working with marketers and procurement professionals on corporation-wide production savings initiatives, strategic de-coupling, and 360-degree media production. Ms. Landgraf is currently passionate about shooting in tax-incentive states, successfully navigating the complexities of state requirements, and brokering cash rebates for her clients. She brings an experienced and critical perspective to the business of advertising production. Ms. Landgraf has been an active member of the ANA Production Management Committee for 13 years, and serves on the board of trustees for the SAG/AFTRA pension and health plans.