Speaker Profile

Steve Lightfoot
Senior Manager, Global Marketing Procurement / World Federation of Advertisers

Steve Lightfoot joined the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) in 2005, and specializes in helping global sourcing organizations understand the marketing category. At WFA he works with a network of more than 450 global marketing procurement specialists in over 60 markets, focusing on benchmarking the day-to-day sourcing operations of agency selection, management, remuneration, and performance reviews. Mr. Lightfoot regularly partners with other industry bodies via seminar or conference presentations and writes papers and articles to promote the value that sourcing can bring to the marketing supply chain. In parallel, he runs WFA’s membership services programs, ensuring corporate members from the top 100 global advertisers and national advertiser associations from 55 major markets derive maximum value from WFA membership. Mr. Lightfoot has worked in the U.K., France, and Belgium, and holds a modern languages degree and research master’s in marketing from the University of Leeds.