Speaker Profile

Jonathan Copulsky
Senior Lecturer of Marketing Executive Director, Medill Spiegel Research Center Northwestern University

Jonathan Copulsky is a nationally recognized leader in branding, marketing strategy, content marketing, and marketing technology. Jonathan speaks and writes frequently on marketing issues, with over 35 bylined articles. His critically acclaimed book, Brand Resilience, a brand risk management primer, was published in 2011. His most recent book, The Technology Fallacy, was published by MIT Press in 2019 and he is currently working on a follow-up, The Transformation Myth, to be published by MIT Press in 2021.

Jonathan is currently a senior lecturer at Northwestern University, where he teaches courses in marketing strategy and marketing technology. In addition, Jonathan serves as Executive Director for the Medill Spiegel Research Center and the Program Director for Kellogg’s Executive Education Business Marketing Strategy program.

Prior to joining Northwestern’s faculty, Jonathan was a senior principal at Deloitte. In 2011, Jonathan assumed the role as Deloitte’s Chief Content Officer, with the goal of turning around Deloitte’s research and publishing programs. Since then, Deloitte has gained widespread recognition as a leader in professional services thought leadership, rising from a #18 ranking to the #1 ranking according to Source for Consulting. Jonathan created Deloitte’s signature thought leadership brand, Deloitte University Press, developed the first massive open online course offered by a professional services firm, introduced new distribution channels such as podcasts, and pioneered the use of advanced data analytics and visualization techniques.

In addition to his leadership role in research and publishing, Jonathan served as Deloitte Consulting’s Chief Marketing Officer. As CMO, Jonathan led Deloitte Consulting’s highly successful repositioning initiative, which included an innovative and award-winning advertising and messaging campaign, as well as an extensive employee activation program.