Speaker Profile

Sabrina Horn
CEO Horn Strategy, LLC

Leading my own company in the epicenter of the technology industry, I know what it means to grow, innovate, survive, thrive and sell a business. Through decades of warp-speed growth and devastating contraction, my passion became helping entrepreneurs navigate the choppy waters of running their start-ups. Early in a company’s life, there is no price you can put on choosing the best business partner or defining the right go-to-market strategy, or on preserving a value-based culture. And leadership, like entrepreneurship, can be lonely: a job where waking up a winner also means going home a loser, and never letting failure get you down.

Horn Strategy, LLC was established to help entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs through the initial stages of their businesses. From funding and launch, to market expansion, acquisition or crisis, we help leaders find clarity and a path forward.