Speaker Profile

Curtis Bahr
Vice President, Audience Data and Analytics / Carat

Curtis has been leading digital media and audience analytics teams for over a decade; providing clients with insightful & actionable analyses that focus on driving real world results. Before working with digital media, he spent five years focused on linear tv research, working with Nielsen’s Local Audience analysis group as the reporting lead for the U.S. Southwest region.

Originally from Texas, Curtis came west to California to be a storyteller (as many do), but his chosen medium has always been data, not scripts. Over the years, he’s had the pleasure of working with a variety of categories, leading insights teams for two major automotive advertisers, and most recently leading the deployment of integrated agency insight platforms for NBC Universal, and Warner Brothers Theatrical. But regardless of business, Curtis always believed that while anyone can run a report, a true analyst seeks the story within the data. It is his pleasure to partner with Jack in the Box, to transform traditional QSR marketing strategies.