Speaker Profile

Wayne Barringer
Director, Creative Services / The Boeing Company

Wayne Barringer is the director of the in-house creative agency at Boeing, a job he took five years ago when employee satisfaction hovered just above 50 percent. Now it's at 85 percent and inching upward, as Wayne's team is growing, doing more award-winning work, and rising in stature within the company.

He has recently delivered keynote presentations at some of the industry’s most prominent in-house events: HOW Design Live, IHAF Annual Conference, ANA In-House Conferences, Creative Operations Exchange, and more. As a vocal advocate for the in-house industry, Wayne aims to help in-house agency leaders and contributors take a clear-eyed look at what traits make them great, as well as which mindsets can undermine their credibility.

Before joining Boeing, Wayne ran his own marketing and management consulting firm, was managing director for the PR firm Porter Novelli, and broke into the industry as a copywriter for the ad agency BlackWing Creative. He also has served on the adjunct staff and communications advisory boards at the University of Washington, Western Washington University and Texas Tech University.