Speaker Profile

David Beals
President / JLB + Partners

David Beals is president/CEO of JLB + Partners, a consultancy focused on helping their clients establish and maintain high-performing relationships with their marketing communications agencies. Core services include agency sourcing, search and selection; agency contracting and compensation; and client-agency performance evaluation and management. Mr. Beals joined Jones Lundin Associates in 1999 and bought the company in 2001, renaming it Jones Lundin Beals (JLB). In 2015, the company was renamed JLB + Partners (JLB+P) to reflect long-standing alliances with like-minded consultancies to manage global assignments. He has provided counsel to a diverse group of clients including General Motors, S.C. Johnson, the U.S. Army, Wal-Mart, Whirlpool, Merck, Kellogg’s, Cisco Systems, Johnson & Johnson, Michelin, Microsoft, Allstate, Nissan and Visa. Mr. Beals and his firm are considered leading experts in the agency industry. He has personally overseen the sourcing and contracting of marketing communications agencies of all types and sizes, and across all industries, representing billions of dollars in industry billings. David is a regular speaker at industry events and is the author of the ANA’s triennial Trends in Agency Compensation surveys, Evaluating Agency Performance and Agency Compensation: A Guidebook.