Speaker Profile

Larry Berney
General Counsel / Don Jagoda Associates

Larry Berney joined Don Jagoda Associates (DJA), one of the pioneering sales promotion agencies, when the internet was in its infancy. Along with his creative and IT teams, Mr. Berney was instrumental in developing one of the first online sweepstakes. Today, he reviews and negotiates all the promotional services agreements with DJA's clients, ensures conformance of DJA promotions to all relevant legal requirements, and supervises DJA's account management teams in New York and California. Larry also lends his legal perspective to planning meetings and new product offerings. As an industry veteran, he brings a tremendous amount of practical experience when advising clients as to the risks inherent in today’s marketing environment. Prior to joining DJA, Mr. Berney was an associate with the Los Angeles office of Coudert Brothers LLP. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Asian studies from Vassar College and earned his Juris Doctor from Boston College Law School. Larry is a member of the California bar.