Speaker Profile

Paul Boyle
Senior Vice President, Public Policy / News Media Alliance

Paul J. Boyle is Senior Vice President/Public Policy for the News Media Alliance, a trade organization representing nearly 2,000 diverse news organizations.  From the largest news groups and international outlets to digital-only and hyperlocal news operations, the Alliance represents all news media content creators.Boyle manages the legislative and regulatory affairs operation of the association, covering issues such as: tax policy, copyright, postal affairs, media ownership rules, digital advertising and free press /newsgathering issues. Under Boyle’s leadership, the industry has preserved the current tax treatment of advertising expenses; resisted government efforts to reclassify independent contractors; obtained structural reforms to the Freedom of Information Act; and fought back against the government’s attempts to obtain confidential source information from reporters. Boyle is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara. He and his wife, Joy, live in Washington, D.C.