Speaker Profile

John Ciesla
Global Director of Information Security / Grey Group

John began his 37-year career at Dow Jones – publisher of the Wall Street Journal – as an engineering technician troubleshooting state-of-the-art laser and robotic systems. His research into internet business solutions led to Dow Jones’ first internet connection.  

John’s Information Security programs have kept critical business processes and data centers secure during unprecedented challenges – from Y2K to 9/11 to cyber attacks.

John’s career accomplishments include deploying and managing internet communications to support the FBI during what is known to be one of the most troubling reporter kidnapping cases in news agency history. His convergence of data and physical security won him recognition from federal law enforcement.

His proudest career accomplishment is the vulnerability management program he led for a comprehensive entertainment company, which prevented hackers from affecting a critical data center while under relocation during the worst cyber-attack in recent internet history.

John is the Global Director of Grey Advertising Agency in New York, NY.