Speaker Profile

Mark Culliton
Chief Executive Officer / College Bound Dorchester

Mark Culliton is the founder and CEO of College Bound Dorchester, an 80-person, $8 million organization that supports gang members to move from the corner to college and thus change their communities. Mr. Culliton intends to show that the young people others cast aside are the only ones who can change urban neighborhoods plagued with violence into bastions of opportunity, and the only way to end generational urban poverty. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Mark spent three years in the Peace Corps in Thailand and then got a Master of Business Administration from the Yale School of Management. Before starting College Bound, Mr. Culliton developed a network of charter schools, served as COO to a national afterschool program and managed business development for a private sector startup. Mark lives in Dorchester, Massachusetts with his wife and two sons.