Speaker Profile

Allison Fitzpatrick
Partner, Advertising & Marketing / Davis+Gilbert LLP

Allison has witnessed firsthand the explosive growth of influencer marketing on social media. As popular bloggers transformed themselves into social media influencers — with marketers signing them to lucrative contracts — she was instrumental in shaping those contracts and developing her client’s social media policies. Whether dealing with “micro” influencers in niche categories, or with major celebrities representing national brands, she helps clients navigate the rapidly evolving social media landscape.

Children’s marketers — as well as operators of child-targeted apps and websites — look to Allison for guidance in their online marketing efforts. Knowing the unique power digital media has over children, she routinely reviews websites, apps, privacy policies and marketing campaigns to ensure compliance with the Children’s Advertising Review Unit’s Self-Regulatory Guidelines, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and other laws.

Having worked on some of the industry’s most successful promotions, Allison bore witness to digital media’s dramatic transformation of the promotions industry, as she helped her clients transition from their traditional reliance on print and direct mail promotions to the social media world, where she advises clients on their sweepstakes, contests, free offers, loyalty rewards programs and other promotions.

Even as she keeps a close eye on emerging media platforms, Allison knows how to adapt the traditional principles of truthfulness in advertising to all aspects of her practice, whether advising clients on endorsements and testimonials, price advertising, claim substantiation, negative option marketing, or any other legal issue where those principles apply.