Speaker Profile

Anna Griffin
Senior Vice President, Marketing / CA Technologies

Anna Griffin is an award-winning marketer who has helped build and promote visionary campaigns for global brands such as Apple, Sony, Land’s End, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and more for over 20 years. Ms. Griffin joined CA Technologies in 2014 to holistically rebrand and define CA on every level. She has held positions on both sides of the marketing fence, leading teams on the corporate brand side as well as holding executive-level brand management positions. She has been awarded two Gold Effies, the industry’s highest recognition for marketing effectiveness. Her work has also been named best BtoB Marketing Campaign of the year, won IAA’s BrillIAAnce awards for best media and was shortlisted for a Cannes Golden Lion. Her passion for creativity extends into the classroom as a founder of Naledi Christian Academy in Potchefstroom, South Africa, aiming to create equality and STEM education for over 300 young creative minds in the local townships.