Speaker Profile

Maria Guerra
Executive Vice President / Influence Central

Maria Guerra imagined she would wind up on the creative side of the agency business, but discovered that far more talented copywriters flooded the market. However, the details, the people and the process involved in finding creative solutions (even if not clever headlines) to deliver results became her focus. Over her career, Ms. Guerra worked with clients ranging from athletic footwear to board games, and from computer-aided design software to financial services, managing multidisciplinary teams along the way. She followed marketing’s evolution from sales promotion and traditional advertising to experiential and online, to word-of-mouth, to its latest incarnation on social media: influencer marketing. In her role at Influence Central, Maria oversees the client service team and the processes by which they engage with influencers and clients, measure and report results, and navigate the rules of disclosure and compliance. For an added dose of details and problem-solving, Maria also drafts, reviews and negotiates influencer and client contracts, working closely with corporate counsel (who is also Influence Central’s CEO and founder, Stacy DeBroff).