Speaker Profile

Andrew Hopkins
Senior Vice President, Head of Customer Acquisition Marketing/Discover Card

Andrew Hopkins directs the marketing activities to acquire new customers for US Discover Card business.  In this capacity, he has primary responsibility for driving growth of sales and receivables by acquiring new card members.   Andrew leads the teams that manage digital, direct mail, and other channel marketing.  He is also responsible for development of new card products and customer acquisition experiences.  For two years beforehand, Andrew led the Portfolio Marketing team, where he had primary responsibility for delivering sales and loan growth from existing customers.  He joined Discover in 2014 as the VP of Product and Marketing for Discover Student Loans, one of the largest lenders to students in the US.  Prior to Discover, Andrew spent 7 years at J.P. Morgan Chase in senior marketing leadership roles as Managing Director of Digital Marketing Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer of Chase Auto Finance.  Before joining J.P. Morgan, he held several marketing and business development roles over 8 years at Citigroup in the U.S. and in the U.K.