Speaker Profile

Lauren Hougas
Director Marketing Analytics / Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Lauren Hougas is a veteran cross-functional leader specializing in analytics and marketing. Ms. Hougas currently serves as the director of marketing analytics at Land O’Lakes, where she leads a team that leverages data to optimize marketing and digital experiences. Her methodologies, which continue to evolve and adapt with the influx of new data sources, include primary marketing research, web analytics, and social, marketing and digital analytics. While data sources may change, Lauren’s main goal has always been the same: leveraging impactful insights to drive strategy and inform execution. Prior to Land O’Lakes, Ms. Hougas built the marketing analytics practice at HealthPartners, served as senior director of analytics for W2O Group, led market intelligence and social media for Jostens, and held a variety of marketing analytics roles within Capella Education Company. Lauren graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in marketing.