Speaker Profile

Matthew Kaplan
Partner / Tucker Ellis LLP

Matthew Kaplan focuses his practice on business disputes, class action false advertising and unfair competition cases; FDA, USDA, and FTC advertising and labeling; and environmental matters. Matt defends businesses before government agencies and in the courts.  Believing the fastest route to a good settlement is trial preparation, he concentrates on framing trial issues from the outset to obtain a positive settlement.  Should that fail, the trial plan is in place so he can efficiently pursue the case through verdict. Matt counsels food, beverage, supplement and cosmetic companies on FDA and USDA regulations and advertising issues and defends them in all types of business and commercial disputes. A former environmental crimes prosecutor, Matt also defends civil and criminal environmental enforcement actions and citizen suits.  His prosecutorial experience gives him unique insight into the goals and strategies employed by the government to obtain favorable resolutions quickly.  He has extensive experience with California’s Proposition 65 and the laws governing the storage, transportation, handling, and disposal of hazardous substances, as well as toxic exposure cases, sewage and wastewater treatment plants, and drinking water systems.