Speaker Profile

Matt Kilmartin
CEO, CO-Founder / Habu

Matt Kilmartin is a co-founder and CEO at Habu, the Global Innovator in Data Clean
Room Software. Habu’s software enables privacy-safe data collaboration for insights,
targeting, and measurement, which unlocks the power of data wherever it lives. The
work that Matt and his team are doing with global, Fortune 500, data-driven companies
is shaping the future of data collaboration in a privacy first era.
Matt has been working with enterprises for the past 20+ years helping them with their
digital transformation and data strategies. He has held a variety of executive leadership
roles at Salesforce, Krux, and Akamai.
Today, in the face of massive disruption that is impacting digital marketing, Matt's goal
is to help brands enable data collaboration that respects consumers, while evolving data
driven initiatives.