Speaker Profile

Leo Kivijarv
Executive Vice President and Director of Research / PQ Media

Leo Kivijarv leads PQ Media’s research efforts on their annual Global Media Forecast Intellicast Series,  a set of three reports designed to work together to deliver a cross-channel view of the shifting media ecosystem by country, medium, channel, device, and social generation. Dr. Kivijarv joined PQ Media  in 2003 after three decades of media experience in media management, research, training, consulting, and academia. He was director of publications and research at Veronis Suhler Stevenson, a leading investment bank and publishers of the annual Communications Industry Forecast, where he served as editor. Dr. Kivijarv also worked as a communications specialist at a medical instrument manufacturing firm, consultant at a media training and development firm, an independent media consultant, and full-time and adjunct college professor. In addition, he has been talent, producer, and news director at various local cable networks and radio stations as well as working in promotions for a Baltimore television station.