Speaker Profile

Michael LaGuardia
Senior Vice President, Digital / Under Armour

Michael La Guardia is the Senior Vice President of Digital Product at Under Armour.  As such, he is responsible for supporting and nurturing the largest fitness community in the world through the apps MyFitnessPal, Map My Fitness, Endomondo and Record.  Prior to Under Armour, Michael spent three years at Yahoo as Vice President of Product Management for Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance.  He is a 24 year technology veteran.  As product manager for the Netscape Browser, he helped launch the open source movement that became Mozilla.org and Firefox.  He drove product and operations at LiveOps, carrying the company from its inception to its role as a pioneer in both crowdsourcing and cloud services.  He has numerous start-ups and company transformations under his belt.  Michael is an avid surfer, sailor, runner, musician and bread baker.