Speaker Profile

Nikhil Lai
Senior Analyst / Forrester

Nikhil’s research focuses on the evolution of performance marketing, including retail media, search (search engine marketing and SEO), social, TV, audio, out of home, and creative. He helps clients with guidance sessions, webinars, and workshops on the current and future states of performance marketing, SEO best practices, and how to master particular channels.

Nikhil’s passion for apprehending what “performance” means — now that nearly every channel parades as “performance” and contends with data deprecation — comes from his empathy for performance marketers. He was a performance marketer at GE when the company underwent frame-breaking digital transformation and then evangelized cross-channel TV advertising and multivariate creative testing for performance marketers. Nikhil earned a BA in the College of Social Studies and Hispanic Literature from Wesleyan University and an MSc in history, law, and government from The London School of Economics.