Speaker Profile

Jon Leibowitz
Partner / Davis Polk

Jon Leibowitz, a partner at Davis Polk, has established a reputation in the developing area of privacy law and with respect to advocacy involving Congress. He has significant experience in data privacy and has overseen a broad range of high-profile data privacy cases of national and international significance. Mr. Leibowitz was appointed as chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from 2009-2013, following his five years as an FTC commissioner. Jon played a leading role in the FTC’s efforts to protect the privacy of consumers, including dozens of spam and spyware cases, as well as high-profile settlements with leading technology companies. Specifically, under Mr. Leibowitz’s tenure, the FTC brought enforcement actions addressing a wide range of privacy issues including data security; Fair Credit Reporting Act and financial privacy; U.S.-EU Safe Harbor; Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act; and Do Not Call. Mr. Leibowitz currently co-chairs the 21st Century Privacy Coalition, which represents the nation’s leading communications providers to advocate for modernizing U.S. privacy and data security laws to better reflect consumer expectations as well as technological and competitive changes in the communications marketplace. Jon also serves on the advisory board of Reputation.com on issues of big data, online privacy and consumer advocacy.