Speaker Profile

Brian Lesser
CEO / AT&T Advertising & Analytics

As a kid, Brian Lesser loved advertising. His father ran an advertising agency, and as far as Brian could tell, that was the coolest job in the world. When he would visit the office, he marveled at the quick-witted, dynamic personalities, the pace of the business and glamour of the industry. For Mr. Lesser, watching TV was more about commercials than programming; what made a good ad, why it ran when it did and its intended purpose. Brian gained an appreciation for the magic of the business at an early age. As chief executive officer of Xandr, he is responsible for building a new kind of advertising company, one that combines vast data and technology resources with mass distribution and world-class content. It’s an opportunity to reinvent advertising again, marrying the creativity and humanity of the business Brian knew as a kid with the data and technology he’s helped pioneer.