Speaker Profile

Nick Manning
Chief Strategy Officer / Ebiquity Plc

Nick Manning has 37 years of experience in the advertising industry, including 27 years in the media agency world. He co-founded Manning Gottlieb OMD in the U.K. and was CEO of OMD’s U.K. group from 2004-2007. Mr. Manning also co-founded OPera, Omnicom’s media buying group in the U.K. Nick joined Ebiquity in 2007 and has helped build it to a global business with 18 offices, turning over $100 million.

As chief strategy officer, his role is to ensure that Ebiquity continues to innovate in the services advertisers need to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Nick worked closely with the Association of National Advertisers in 2016 to produce the “Prescriptions, Principles and Processes” recommendations document as part of the ANA’s media transparency initiative. Ebiquity works closely with Reed Smith to ensure that advertisers achieve the right contracts to implement the guidelines contained in the ANA’s recommendations document.