Speaker Profile

Marcel Marcondes
U.S. Chief Marketing Officer / Anheuser-Busch

A 13-year veteran of AB InBev, Marcel Marcondes has spent his career connecting beers to people and culture. He currently leads the marketing growth strategy for a broad portfolio of brands, including Bud Light, Budweiser, Michelob ULTRA, and Stella Artois.

Prior to his U.S. role, Mr. Marcondes was VP of global brands and growth development platforms at AB InBev, where he managed international expansion. Prior to that, he led marketing for Brahma, Antarctica, and Skol in Brazil, where he transformed Skol into the largest-selling beer in the country. He also spent seven years in brand management at Unilever.

Mr. Marcondes has a master’s degree in business administration from the Business School São Paulo. He is a Marketing Academy mentor, as well as a member of both the ANA board and the Global CMO Growth Council.