Speaker Profile

Beth McMorrow
President / McMorrow Associates

A skilled production expert, Beth McMorrow enjoys being an advocate for advertisers and a partner to agencies, leveraging her extensive experience in content production to innovate, optimize and communicate. Ms. McMorrow is the president of McMorrow Associates, production specialist for Mondelez and print production consultant for MillerCoors. She began as an agency producer in New York, where she learned to stretch a budget while delivering strong creative content for a diverse list of advertisers. Then a call came in asking if Ms. McMorrow would like to be director of production for Nabisco. Beth said “yes,” and then led Nabisco’s production department for 10 years. Today, she helps marketers navigate the changing production landscape, moving from TV-centric video to digital and social media, delivering cost-effective content for a variety of product categories and brands. As the lead production specialist for Mondelez North America, Ms. McMorrow oversees production and works with brands to optimize every dollar across all media channels, ensuring transparency and ongoing process improvement. As the industry evolves and the need for content grows, Beth looks for new ways to work with suppliers, whether it’s direct-to-client production or with agency partners, looking for opportunities and building strong relationships along the way.