Speaker Profile

Rebecca Meiklejohn
Trial Attorney, Antitrust Division / United States Department of Justice

Rebecca Meiklejohn has been a trial attorney with the New York Office of the Antitrust Division since 1975. Ms. Meiklejohn’s recent work has focused on the municipal bonds market and she has also led criminal investigations and prosecutions in the advertising industry and in the food distribution industry, resulting in more than 100 convictions for crimes including tax offenses and money laundering. Rebecca has frequently been asked to train and advise other Division attorneys on the investigative methods she and her teams have developed. She has also provided information and advice to public and private organizations to improve their procedures for preventing and detecting collusion. Rebecca received her undergraduate degree from Smith College and her law degree from Harvard University. She has received many awards, including the Department of Justice’s Distinguished Service Award in 2003 and the Division’s Hugh Morrison Award and Award of Distinction in 2012.