Speaker Profile

Nicole Mejia
Fitness and Nutrition Expert / Fit and Thick LLC

Nicole Mejia is a South Florida native and lover of travel, the ocean and all things involving adrenaline. From an early age, she used fitness as her outlet, though she did not conform to the stereotypical image of “fit” emerging in social media. While learning to love and embrace her body shape, flaws and all, Ms. Mejia used her social platform to found Fit and Thick in 2013 as a safe place where women could come together in a community of encouraging and self-loving support, becoming the best versions of themselves through the use of health and fitness. Fit and Thick currently offers merchandise, a fitness app and, most recently, plant-based meal plans. Since her journey into a plant-based lifestyle at the end of 2015, Nicole’s passions have more deeply evolved into helping people heal themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.