Speaker Profile

Ashton Mullinix
Executive Director, Business Strategy & Analytics / Detroit Lions

Ashton Mullinix is a sports business professional and has been the Executive Director of Business Strategy & Analytics for the Detroit Lions since November 2018. For the past six years, he has served in several different capacities within the NFL at the league and team level.


Ashton started his career working for the NFL at the league’s headquarters in New York City, where he gained experience in various departments including corporate development, consumer products, and club business development.


After completing the program, Ashton transitioned to the Detroit Lions to launch the organization’s first business strategy & analytics team. In the last three years, his team has implemented new data-driven processes to better predict business outcomes and improve decision making. In this role, Ashton is involved in many high-profile projects within the organization focused on maximizing revenue, automating processes, and personalizing the fan experience.