Speaker Profile

Della Ng
Vice President, Brand Strategy and Advertising, Enterprise Marketing / Wells Fargo & Company

With over 19 years of comprehensive sales, marketing and strategic planning experience in successfully cultivating the affluent, multicultural and international markets, Della brings a unique perspective in strategic marketing for the total market.

Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Della spent 12 years at Charles Schwab’s Global Enterprise where she held different marketing and sales leadership positions. 

Della joined Wells Fargo in 2006 as the Diverse Segment lead for the Consumer and Business Deposits Group.  During her tenure, she was instrumental in building the multicultural strategy and launching several key in-language capabilities, including the first Spanish account statement and financial education and marketing tools.

In her current role as the Asian segment brand and advertising manager, she provides the strategic leadership to develop and execute the Asian segment marketing strategy.  Under her stewardship, Della was able to increase the focus and secure incremental investments toward the Asian Segment year over year, while delivering awards winning campaigns that are ultimately advancing the Wells Fargo Brand.

 In addition to being engaged in her professional life, Della is an avid supporter of local schools.  She considers herself a semi-expert in pop culture.  Della enjoys traveling with her family every summer.