Speaker Profile

Mary Owusu
Vice President and Director, Digital Strategy & Analytics / Mower

Mary Owusu leads the analytics and digital strategy disciplines at Mower: an independent marketing, advertising and public relations agency with nine offices across the United States. With a unique background in both search and analytics, Mary specializes in translating complex search data into actionable insights about the trends and behaviors happening within a marketplace, then provides a roadmap of how businesses can use those insights to gain a killer competitive advantage. Her extensive list of past and present clients includes Radisson Hotel, FedEx and Siemens. Mary is also an adjunct professor, having taught digital marketing to undergraduate and M.B.A. students since 2012. She is a board member for the Digital Analytics Association; a sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of digital analytics, search engine optimization (SEO) and the role of women in analytics; and was named a 2018 ATHENA Young Professional Award recipient. You can find her featured in Adweek (as one of the early pioneers of SEO) —as well as on LinkedIn and on Twitter