Speaker Profile

Rohit Parbhakar
Head of Digital Marketing & Technologies / McKesson

Rohit Parbhakar has a strong background in Technology, Sales and Marketing. His passion is enabling business and it's people. He is part of McKesson Corporate Marketing and responsible for Global Digital Transformation. He currently leads Digital CoE for McKesson. The team handles:

-User Experience (UX/CX)
-Traffic Acquisition (SEO/SEM)
-Data & Analytics
-Marketing Technology (MarTech)
-Marketing Operations
-Change Management

He has played variety of roles in health care, financial, automotive & technology industry as:

-Web developer
-Software engineer
-Technical architect
-Project manager
-Account & delivery executive
-Digital marketer

Rohit Parbhakar always says "Technology is to enable business and not vice versa. I love to wear my business hat while I make all digital decisions." Rohit Parbhakar is PMP and holds M.B.A., M.C.A and M.S. He loves to be with family and read books on leadership, self development, finance, marketing and sales.