Speaker Profile

Greg Pharo
Director, Media Analytics / The Coca-Cola Company

Greg Pharo is global director of advertising research & media analytics for The Coca-Cola Company. He heads the worldwide media analytics practice for the world's leading beverage company, helping Coke maximize its return on marketing investment. His responsibilities include media analytics and optimization, advertising and messaging research, and social media insights. He's a recognized expert in advertising insights, forecasting, earned media analytics, and marketing ROI. He's pioneered advances in the marketing analytics field with new-to-the-world mix modeling and attribution techniques for measuring media' impact on sales and brand perception. He also invented market mix modeling techniques to measure mass advertising's ability to reduce customer churn. He chairs the ANA's Data and Measurement Committee. Greg is a graduate of Emory University where he received both bachelors and MBA degrees. Prior to joining Coca-Cola he worked in marketing and finance at AT&T, Siemens, Georgia-Pacific and Kodak.