Speaker Profile

Joseph Puthussery
Vice President, Digital Marketing / Cisco Systems

Shaping the future through technology is more than a career for Joseph Puthessery (JP), it is a passionate pursuit to create a more connected world through data-driven insights and market intelligence. As Vice President of Digital Marketing, he builds agile, proactive teams that thrive with change as technology and the industry evolve. JP’s approach to converge marketing and digital transformation with the tools, insights and expertise to make actionable connections with customers and enable their business outcomes has set in motion Cisco’s marketing transformation. He focuses his global team on a Digital First Marketing approach to drive Cisco’s Web, Media, Automation, Analytics, Demand Generation, Omni-Channel, Social Media and Rapid Innovation Labs, uniting technical acuity with creative agility. With an engineering background, JP brings a strong point of view based on a technical foundation of knowledge and marketing mindset to understand what customers need and how Cisco can deliver.